Creamy risotto with mushrooms, baby spinach, bacon and prawns

When I asked my husband today what to prepare for dinner, the answer was – something with prawns and cream. So I prepared something like risotto, type of “what house offers”. With lactose free cream, mushrooms, baby spinach, bacon, prawns and spices tastes great. As a side we had tomato – avocado salad with Feta cheese.


What do you need:

1 cup of rice (which one you like)

200 g prawns

3 pieces of bacon

100 g mushrooms

100 g baby spinach

125 ml lactose free cream

a bit of cheese

salt and cayenne pepper

mixture of spices – garlic salt, thyme, parsley

lemon juice (squeezed half of lemon)

3 tomatoes, avocado and Feta cheese for salad

Start with rice cooking. I used mixture of water and beef broth to reach better taste of rice. Together with rice, start frying prawns with bacon. When it is done, put it aside and on the same pan cook baby spinach with mushrooms. They will get light touch of prawns and bacon. When are vegetables properly boiled, add lemon juice, spices and prawns with bacon. At the end, mix rice with mixture on the pan, add cream and let it boil for a while. To finalise the creamy taste of “what house offers risotto”, add cheese (we like Cheddar cheese) and mix it till the cheese has fully melt. Really great combination!


For you, who loves tomatoes and avocados as we do, prepare salad with Feta cheese. It is really delicious and healthy compensation of the evening bacon guilt.

And mummies… your baby will like it. The dish does not contain anything what would cause stomach ache to your little one.Β Have a good night!

Veronika & Canito


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