Ginger sirup

Ginger is great help while fighting with cold, mainly when you are not able to take other medicines, for example while being pregnant or breastfeeding. You can make a big bottle of ginger sirup and have it always ready when needed. I love this magic root!


What is needed for 250 ml of sirup:

1 big ginger root (around one cup of ginger when peeled and cut)

1 cup of sugar / brown sugar / honey (which I prefer)

250 ml of water

Peel and cut ginger root, add honey and water and boil everything for an hour in pot. When finished, drain sirup through strainer. I love ginger sirup with lemon, therefore I put slices of lemon in prepared bottle and filled with sirup. Closed bottle can last in fridge at least one month. You can regulate the amounts of all ingedience to reach consistency as you wish. Do not forget – sweeter it is, longer it will last!


Enjoy it!

Veronika and Canito



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