Tea for two and breastfeeding

When I started with breastfeeding I was always worried if it is going to be enough for my little Canito. I have not thought about giving him formula at all. So of course, I did all recommended ways how to increase milk supply, such as frequent breastfeeding, drinking lot of water, try to get “enough” sleep or better said sleep during the moments whenΒ possible πŸ™‚ And as tea lover I have fallen in love with nursing tea.


I had my doubts at the beginning if it works. But it does. Not only that the effect of milk supply is great, but Canito is less “gassy” and colic symptoms were reduced and now, he does not have them anymore. I should not forget – the taste and smell of combined herbs is amazing. However, everyone is different, but who has doubts as I did, I recommend you to try it.

I always indulge my tea moments. Every morning, my huge mug (500 ml) with at least 10 minutes steeped tea and sometimes in the afternoon, together with something sweet like today.


Vero and Canito

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