A bit of spring in the kitchen – Gnocchi with courgette, baby spinach, broccoli cooked with chicken and cream

During the weekend we had sunny days, spring visited us in rainy UK. Everything is green and in blossom. So I brought green pleasure into our kitchen in form of baby spinach (which I like a lot and has lot of healthy benefits), courgette and broccoli.  I prepared these “greens” with potato gnocchi (my favourite, unfortunately not homemade) and chicken (a bit spicier this time) cooked with lactose free cream. You, who have new born baby and difficulties with colic, skip broccoli and you may add for instance mushrooms.


What is needed:

potato gnocchi

1 small courgette

200 g spinach

100 g broccoli

300 g chicken breast

1 small onion

125 ml lactose free cream

blue cheese

salt and cayenne pepper

chilli powder, sweet paprika powder, garlic salt, dry parsley

olive oil

Firstly, fry the onion till it is “golden”, add seasoned pieces of chicken and cooked until the meat is soft. Afterwards, add chopped and washed green vegetable, let it mix and boil together. At the end, add lactose free cream with blue cheese (only if your baby does not have colic, otherwise skip it) and let it warm. When preparing meat, boil water for gnocchi and when cooked, serve separately or mix together with meat and “greens”.


Enjoy the coming spring!

Vero and Canito



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