Quesadillas with egg omelette and spinach

New day. Do you know the feeling when you wake up tired and incredibly hungry? I do and then I always want something really good for breakfast. And because of my husband, I have fallen in love with corn tortillas and quesadillas stuffed with absolutely anything. Easy, quick and delicious!


What is needed: 

corn tortillas 

2 eggs 

a handful of baby spinach leaves

olive oil

few pieces of lactose free cheese

As a side, I have tomatoes with Feta cheese. I would grab an avocado as well, however it was missing in our fridge this time. 


Firstly, prepare egg omelette with spinach. Once it is ready, put is aside and add lactose free cheese on top. Take your tortilla, put half of omelette on top, fold tortilla and heat it up in pan till cheese is melted. Use second half for other tortilla. You can serve it with tomatoes, avocado and Feta cheese.  And as every morning – nursing tea!


Have a good day!

Vero and Canito



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