“Cup” dumplings

Living abroad is an amazing experience, but from time to time, you really miss home and typical food. We, as a mixed family, we like to explore different tastes of our countries. This time it is a Czech time and dumplings. Something, what you can find everywhere if you visit this small country in heart of Europe, called Czech Republic, however uncle Google can offer you a name Czechia.


For preparation of “cup” dumplings you need 3 cups – more or less the same size and you can feed two people with that. And what else do you need?Β 

1 cup of flour (a bit coarser – for example corn flour)

1 cup of milk

2 yolks

1 small spoon of salt

bread (around 4 slices)

egg whites to prepare a snow

onion, bacon or herbs (parsley, chive)

baking paper or lard

big pot with a lid

Firstly, separate yolks from egg whites and leave egg whites aside. Add flour to your bowl with yolks, add 1 cup of milk and salt. Afterwards, mix the prepared dough well. I like to add fried onion and bacon or herbs to the dough. Cut slices of bread into small pieces and add to the bowl. From egg whites whisk a snow and gently mix with prepared dough. Three cups for dumplings raddle with lard or insert a baking paper to each of them. When it is ready, fill them with prepared dough. Put all 3 cups into big pot with water (the level of water reaches the lower edge of the cup handle) and boil it with lid on for 33 minutes.

At the end, let it cool down and remove your dumpling from cups. You can enjoy them with sauer cabbage, spinach and many others. You can contact me for recommendation how and with what to eat them. My husband has fallen in love with dumplings.


Veronika & Canito


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