Dumplings, sour cabbage and smoked pork

If you want to try something typical Czech with dumpling than this dish is perfect. It is heavy food, but delicious – at least for us. Who has not tried sour cabbage yet will either love it or hate it. My husband was not fun of it at the beginning. However, now he enjoys it with a good beer! So try it – it is easy a quick to prepare!

What do you need:

dumplings (you can find the recipe in my previous post – “Cup” dumplings)


salt and pepper


3 pieces of bay leaf 

1 bottle of sour cabbage 

smoked pork 

When you have your dumplings ready (“Cup” dumplings) you can start with preparation of sour cabbage. You can buy it in 500 ml bottle or sometimes in plastic bag. For two people you will need around half of bottle or bag. Rinse properly the cabbage firstly to avoid a too strong sour taste. Put it in pot with enough water, add salt, pepper and 3 pieces of bay leaf and let it boil until no water remains in the pot. Whilst cabbage is being cooked, cut slices of smoked pork and fry them. At the end, chop onion into small pieces, put it in pan with oil and fry it until golden.


Serve dumplings, sour cabbage and smoked pork with golden onion on top. You can achieve more delicious taste with chilled beer, and for mummies with alcohol free beer! I hope you will love it!

Vero and Canito



4 thoughts on “Dumplings, sour cabbage and smoked pork

  1. Thank you for the follow …Well you hooked me with the Dumplings and sour cabbage..we had a similar dish when we visited Prague so it bought back lovely memories of Prague and the wonderful sight of Charles bridge in the snow…Thank you 🙂

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