Small discoverer and first solid food

Weekend. Time for new tastes. Canito is starting with something new. In upcoming days we are going to try mashed vegetables – starting with carrot, pumpkin, potatoes and not that “children´s” popular broccoli. Every new taste we are going to try at least for 3 to 5 days to avoid any allergy.

And how does our daily meal menu look like?

  • Breakfast – breastfeeding
  • Morning snack – breastfeeding
  • Lunch time – mashed vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, broccoli, potato), vegetable mash or spring vegetable soup and bottle with formula
  • Afternoon snack – breastfeeding and small portion of mashed vegetables
  • Dinner – rice baby porridge with vegetables and bottle with formula 
  • Night – breastfeeding

What do you need for preparation:

Mashed carrot, massed pumpkin, mashed broccoli, mashed potato

All vegetables are properly cleaned, washed, cut in small pieces and boiled in mineral water suitable for infants or steamed. Prepared pieces of vegetables are mashed with for or blended in blender small portions. When cooled down we can serve and give to small discoverer. You can add 2 to 3 grains of cumin, which you have to take out before being mashed.

Vegetable mash 

Mix 100 ml of vegetable broth (without salt and spices), rice baby porridge, small spoon of olive oil and add boiled vegetables which your baby likes.

Spring vegetable soup

3 cm big pieces of carrot, parsley root, half of the potato are roughly grated. On a little pieces chopped green parsley is added. Add 250 ml of mineral water suitable for infants, drop of olive oil and cooked until everything is soft. Mashed vegetables with fork and into cooked soup we add 1 to 2 spoons of rice baby porridge.

If you prepare more that your little one is able to eat, keep it in fridge or store it in freezer. You will have always something around and easy to warm up. Enjoy your first solid food as we do!

 Vero and little Canito


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