Potato soup with spicy chorizo

Finally. I found few moments to introduce you one of my favourite soups which reminds me my childhood – potato soup with spicy chorizo! Always, when I have prepared beef broth I love to cook this soup as well. It has lot of vegetables, easy to prepare and looks like delicious mess ๐Ÿ™‚

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What do you need

2 – 3 potatoes

1 carrotย 

1 celery root (the same size as carrot)

1 onion

bigger piece of spicy chorizo

4 – 6 pieces of mushrooms

2 cloves of garlicย 

2 eggs

already prepared beef broth or water with added vegetable/chicken/beef stockย 







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Cut potatoes, mushrooms and spicy chorizo into a bigger pieces, carrot and celery root will be grated and chop the onion into small pieces. ย Prepare pot and fry onion with chorizo firstly, afterwards add vegetable to fry them as well. When it is ready add beef broth or waterย with vegetable stock. Add mushrooms, salt, pepper, cumin and let it boil until potatoes are soft. Grated or mashed garlic and marjoram is added afterwards. To finalise the soup, two eggs come toย it, soup is stirred, boiled for a while and can be served with parsley on top. I like to eat it with bread or crackers.

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Enjoy your lunch!

Vero and little Canito

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