Tomato sauce with pulled beef and pasta

The way to man´s heart is through his stomach as we say many times. Today I prepared sweet – sour tomato sauce with pulled beef and pasta – typical Czech meal. However, at the beginning of last century was this tomato sauce a very avant-garde dish, which was not definitely one of the usual dishes of Czech families and was initially prepared only in progressive rich homes. Tomatoes did not grow in Czech Republic, you could barely found them in the market and were imported mainly from Bulgaria, as an exotic and therefore unusual fruit. And popular tomato paste was not common at that time either. But now… 🙂 nice dish for you who is fan of different types of sauce.


What do you need for sauce preparation:

already prepared beef broth and water

1 onion

1 tomato paste (250 ml)

12 pieces of allspice

8 pieces of peppers

10 pieces of clove

3 pieces of bay leave

salt and brown sugar


1 bag of pasta 

cooked beef 

I like to prepare this meal quite a lot. It is not difficult and does not take that much time. The longest preparation is for beef broth and therefore for pulled beef. I always prepare my beef broth over night in slow cooker, so the meet is amazingly soft afterwards and the broth has delicious strong vegetable – meet taste.



Once you have your pulled beef and beef broth ready, you can start with sauce preparation. Chop 1 onion into small pieces and start frying it in bigger pot. When is onion glassy, add pieces of allspice, pepper, clove, bay leaf and fry it all together. When all spices start nicely smell in your kitchen, pour the tomato paste into the pot and fry it. Let it fry for couple of minutes to decrease strong sour taste of the paste. Afterwards, it is time for addition of beef broth and water. Boiling time is around 30 – 40 minutes. Finish your tomato sauce with 4 – 5 spoons of brown sugar and add salt according to your taste. If you prefer a bit sweeter taste of the sauce, do not hesitate to add 1 or 2 spoons of brown sugar more. It depends on your taste cups 🙂 Let it cook next 5 – 10 minutes. To finalise your sauce remove all spices, pieces of onion and bay leaves, add pulled beef to heat it up and you are ready to serve it with pasta or even with dumpling.

Get the heart of your man and enjoy it, breastfeeding mummies!

Vero & Canito




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