Entomatadas con arroz blanco y frijoles refritos con chorizo picosito

Or in the other words – amazing tortillas (entomatadas) with pulled chicken, rice, spicy fried beans with Mexican chorizo. Tortillas are definitely not common in Czech or British cuisine. Nowadays, you can find them in stores, but I am not sure if people know how to prepare them. And still, you mainly can find flour tortillas instead of the corn ones. I have fallen in love with tortillas mainly because of my husband. I could have never imagined that it can be eaten in so many different and delicious ways! And this one is one of them. Recipe according to his mum and his family 🙂


What do you need:

1 cup of rice

corn (preferably)/flour tortillas

300 – 400 g chicken breast 

corn and green peas

2 onions

4 tomatoes

lactose free cream

lactose free cheese 

1 garlic clove 

2 pieces of bay leaf


salt and pepper


Mexican chorizo


re-fried beans or prepare them by yourself (recipe below)


When you have everything, you can just start 🙂 Put chicken breasts in a pot with onion, salt, bay leaf and few pieces of pepper. Once the chicken breasts are cooked, put it aside, let it cool down and you can keep chicken broth for preparation of something else, for example soup or tomato sauce 🙂 While chicken breasts are being cooked, you can start with preparation of salsa and rice. You can prepare your rice with corn and green peas as we do.

Preparation of salsa: fry tomatoes and onion without oil in a big pan with lid (you can let it burn a bit, it will give great taste to your salsa). Once it is ready, blend everything together with garlic, salt and pepper. Pour blended mixture in the pan again and let it boil until the salsa is thick. By the end, add oregano.

Preparation of re-fried beans from can: you can buy re-fried beans in can or prepare them by yourself (recipe is mentioned below). I will start with the canned one. They are delicious and you can make them even more delicious. Fry them with oil, jalapenos (it is up to you how much spiciness do you like) and Mexican chorizo together.

Recipe for homemade re-fried beans

What do you need: 

bag of beans (black, red… whatever you like)


3 – 4 garlic cloves

1 onion 


optionally – Mexican chorizo or your favourite cheese

Take a big pot for beans, add all mentioned ingredients and sufficient amount of water! While cooking, take care of enough water in pot and cook until beans are soft. When  are beans cooked, take a big pan, add oil, beans and fry them. During frying, mashed beans very well. Keep adding enough oil for frying your beans´paste. You can add Mexican chorizo as well or serve beans with your favourite cheese. If you do not eat all prepared beans, you can put them in freezer and re-fry it again next time.

Before serving, grate your cheese (lactose free for breastfeeding mummies) and mix it with lactose free cream. Prepare pulled chicken and heat up your tortillas. Wrap pulled chicken in tortillas, pour salsa on top of tortillas and finish it with cream and lactose free cheese.  Add rice and serve delicious re-fried beans.

Vero and Canito wish you ¡Buen provecho!



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