Creamy green beans soup

Another favourite soup of mine – creamy green beans soup. I have not had it quite long time, since our little monkey was born and his digestive system was maturing. I did not want to cause him any additional problems with gas so I avoided it. However now, our 6 months old Canito is growing and green beans do not cause him any problems. So you, who has passed already the struggling period with baby colic, enjoy this soup. Green beans can bring few healthy benefits after childbirth, like a low calories content or no saturated fat for you who wants to get rid of gained pregnancy kilos. This long green vegetable is also rich for iron, minerals and vitamins.


What do you need: 

400 g green beans

3 – 4 pieces of bigger potatoes 

1/2 onion


beef/chicken broth or water with vegetable stock 

100 ml lactose free cream 

salt and pepper

2 pieces of bay leaf


As all of soups which I prepare, we will start with frying of 1/2 onion until golden. When it is ready, add peeled and cut potatoes and fry them a bit as well. Pour already prepared beef/chicken broth or water with vegetable stock. Afterwards, add green beans with bay leaf and let it boil until vegetables are soft. To finalise your soup, add around 100 ml of lactose free cream, salt, pepper and parsley. Heat it up and you can serve it!


Vero & Canito

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