Rice noodles with prawns and vegetables

I love rice noodles, mainly the flat ones. If I would not love to try different types of cuisine or dishes, I would definitely eat only rice noodles πŸ™‚ This time I have prepared them with prawns and vegetables. The whole pregnancy, I avoided sea food not to get sick and now I am slowly starting to eat it again. With onlyΒ 90 calories in one portion, no fat, but lot of protein, prawns are called as a “super-food” therefore good for diet and losing few kilos if needed. Good tip to have them even more healthy: rinse them properly under the running water, you will remove up to 40% of sodium.


What do you need for 2 portions:

300 g prawns

rice noodles

2 carrots

1 small piece of parsley root

handful of spinach

handful of lettuce

5 garlic cloves

lemon juice

soy sauce


salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, chilli powder (or chopped fresh chilli)

lactose free cream

And how to start: take a big pan with oil and start with frying of prawns. While you fry prawns, grate carrots and parsley root, chop the baby spinach with lettuce and put them into the pan where prawns were before. Fry the vegetables, until soft. Add 2 – 3 spoons of soy sauce and crushed garlic cloves. Mix it and let it fry for a while. When the vegetable mix is ready, add again prawns in the pan together with squeezed lemon juice. Season with salt, pepper, chilli powder and cayenne pepper. If you prefer fresh chilli, chop it as well. At the end add three spoons of lactose free cream and let it boil. TakeΒ your rice noodle and follow the instructions for preparation on the package. When ready, mix them properly with vegetables and prawns in the pan.



And the last step – enjoy your rice noodles!

Vero & Canito

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