Little Columbus and his experience with first solid food

When I was younger I used to watch series where kids were introducing different types of cuisine from all over the world. And I was always amazed how much fruits and vegetables is introduced to children in different cultures. Children eat fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner and do not have face full of disgust or having excuses why would they not eat it. And thatยดs actually our family as well. But in the other hand, when I look around and see how many kids are overweight and eating fast food… then I am questioning myself “Where is the mistake?”.

Our little Canito has been fully breastfed baby and when he has reached his 6 months we have decided with introduction of first solid food – vegetables. I have read many things, trying to figure out the “best” way. But – there is no such thing as a “best” way. Each baby is unique creature and our monkey as well. So I used my mother instinct, recommendations from mum and relatives from Mexico and from paediatricians. And I am pretty happy and satisfied with results and most importantly – our little one is enjoying every spoon, even childrenยดs not so popular broccoli. Maybe as well because we are trying to be an example to him, and we are eating and enjoying the same foodย with our little one.


Tasty recipes full of vitamins can be found in the previous post “Small discoverer and first solid food” and some inspirations are below. At the beginning we started with one type of vegetable at the time, tried it between 3 to 5 days and then we introduced something new. Our little one does not have any problem so far, so I prepared him few combinations. Soon, we are going to start with fruit ๐Ÿ™‚ He has still a lot of new tastesย ahead.

  • Mashed potatoย with broccoli

Blog 200

  • Mashed pumpkin with carrot

Blog 258

  • Mashed carrot with potato

Blog 275

  • Mashed sweet potato

Blog 283

  • Mashed vegetables and vegetable soup

Blog 222




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