Seven months of motherhood with eyes of traveller

I cannot believe that time has gone so fast and our little one is already 7 months old. I still remember our trip to Mexico and then the Monday morning with his unexpected early arrival to this world. But our premature Canito is catching up well and we are still getting used to each other step by step ๐Ÿ™‚ And soon, I will need to sadly think about getting back to work…


Since my university studies, I used to travel, work and live abroad. So adjusting in different countries and getting know new cultures is familiar for me. However, to be a foreigner living in different country is still a bit difficult. And mainly if things which are different and you are used to, of course according to you, a bit better “service”. Now I am talking about being pregnant, deliver and have small baby here. I grew up in country with one gynaecologist who knows everything about you, you have regular check ups with scans and at the end of the day, will arrange hospital with you. Afterwards, you have regular visits with paediatrician who assure you that everything is going well, that you are reaching all necessary milestones and if something is going wrong, it will be solved immediately. And – you have one year paid maternity leave and afterwards paid parental leave, so mums (or dads) can stay with the little one up to 3 to 4 years. Depending on what do you want, how long do you want and feel comfortable. So you do not miss any important moment of your babyยดs life and you can build strong family roots with family values and bonds.

Do not get me wrong, I am not trying to complain.ย It has been just something completely differentย for me, completely new experience. And still great, to be honest. I think I can see things from different perspective as I have lived somewhere else and know that each system has own benefits. One of those is for example the antenatal course and I would recommend it to everyone.ย I cannot complain about my delivery as well. The team of doctors, nurses and midwifes was amazing.

Those 7 months have been unbelievable and amazing together… Everything new for me, for us. When he was born, he was so tiny with his not even 2.5 kilos that I was scared I will hurt him. We have been adjusting as a family.ย We are here alone, no family around and I am not going to deny, first weeks were difficult. I was sleep deprived, everything went aside and every single moment I was thinking if I am doing the best for our little one. The easiest part was breastfeeding as I did not have any problems at all and Canito has eaten so well. Our little monkey have not been sick so far, hopefully he is developing how he should (probably doubts forever ๐Ÿ™‚ ), since he was 11 weeks we joined swimming classes, he met his Mexican abuelita and Czech grandparents, he had already his first trip by plane and he handled it better than me, he learnt how to fall asleep by himself and now… we are cooking and painting together. As I said…ย Amazing 7 months!ย I could have not ever imagined I can love someone so much andย be scared and afraid at the same time.

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