Spanish birds

Spanish birds, or in other words stuffed roast beef rolls. Despite the name of the recipe, it does not come from Spain. This name has quite long history, it comes from the court of Emperor Rudolf II. His mother was Marie of Spain and therefore, they used to have Spanish cook. They used to prepare stuffed veal rolls which were considered as a Spanish speciality. Today´s Spanish bird has been known since 1950s, when the name was picked for stuffed roast beef rolls.


What do you need: 

600 g roast beef 

4 spoons of mustard 

3 boiled eggs 

chorizo or sausages


1 onion

3 – 4 gherkin

1 l of beef broth or water with beef /vegetable stock 

3 spoons of flour


salt and pepper

soy sauce

Before we start with preparing the meat, the eggs are cooked. Cooled down eggs are cut in quarters. Cut the meat into bigger slices (so you will be able to make rolls) and lightly tenderise. Cut the bacon, chorizo or sausages and gherkins into stripes (slightly shorter than the width of tenderise meat). When everything is prepared, add salt, pepper and spread mustard on top of the meat. To the end of each slice put chorizo or sausage (or both), gherkin and egg. Roll the slice from the edge with stuffing, press it properly and keep rolling. At the end tie rolls with thread.


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. When we have prepared rolls, we can start with cooking. Chop onion into small pieces, add into pot with oil and fry until golden. Add beef broth or water with beef/vegetable stock, let it boil for a while. When start boiling, take it out from fire, put prepared beef rolls and put the pot into the preheat oven. Bake without cover around 30 minutes, until the meat gets tight. When ready, add more beef broth or water, cover it and bake it around 90 minutes (until meat is tender).

Sauce preparation: Take tender Spanish birds out of the oven, take out meat out of pot and put it aside. Place the pot on fire, add around 3 spoons of soy sauce, mixed flour in bit of water and cook it at least 30 – 40 minutes. Do not forget to stir the sauce. In mean time, remove thread from Spanish birds. When sauce is cooked and ready, add meat in the pot again and heat it up.


You can serve Spanish bird with rice or dumplings. We like to eat it with rice, avocado, tomatoes, gherkins and chillies as a side dish.

Dobrou chuť! Enjoy it!

Vero and Canito



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