Breakfast inspirations continue…

We wake up quite early every day, as our little one loves the early 5 AM. I cannot start day with empty stomach and my husband goes to work. So when the little one has his first early nap of the day, it is my time for breakfast. I have already given few breakfast inspirations and here are other ones 🙂

Egg bread

I like to prepare egg bread mainly from practical point of view. If we have bread which is already not fresh anymore and slowly going off. I really do not like to throw food away. Pieces of bread are fried with egg, with mustard on top and several vegetables – onions, tomatoes, gherkins. Grated cheese can be sprinkled on the top.

Blog 279

What do you need:








Blog 278

Just bread with egg, avocado and tomato with Feta cheese

Blog 300

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

Plain Greek yogurt again. Now with fresh fruit (strawberries, apples and bananas), honey, bit of vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

Blog 334

What do you need: 

100 g plain Greek yogurt 

fresh fruit – strawberries, apples, bananas


vanilla sugar, cinnamon 

Sweet and sour pancakes

We have pancakes only occasionally. My husband does not really like sweets, so I prepared for him “sour pancake version” – with onion, salami and cheese and for myself, I prepared cooked apples filling, blueberry with vanilla sugar and cream.

Blog 366

What do you need for approximately 8 pancakes: 

400 ml almond milk 

2 eggs


pinch of salt

1 small spoon of oil 


1 onion 

salami / chorizo 

sweet paprika powder

cheese (lactose free cheese or Cheddar cheese)


200 g blueberries

1 bag of vanilla sugar

1 spoon of lactose free cream 

1 apple 

4 spoons of brown sugar 

Prepare paste for pancakes in a bowl, take a pan and add small spoon of oil. Heat it up and add full ladle of paste into the pan. Repeat, until no paste left.

Preparation of fillings:

Sour: Take a pan and add a bit of oil, chop onion and fry until golden. Cut salami or chorizo in small pieces, add it in the pan, fry it. Add sweet paprika powder at the end and fry it for a while.

Blog 363

Sweet: Cook small pieces of apple with brown sugar and water until soft. Mash blueberries in bowl with vanilla sugar and 1 spoon of lactose free cream.

Grated potatoes with chorizo and fried eggs

Blog 296

A slightly different version of cooked potatoes with tomatoes and chorizo 🙂

What do you need: 

4 bigger potatoes

1 onion 

bigger piece of spicy chorizo 

salt and pepper 

4 eggs

lactose free cheese 

Blog 306

Firstly, chop onions and chorizo. Prepare pan with oil and fry onion until golden, add chorizo, add sweet paprika powder and fry it a bit. Grate raw potatoes and mix it with fried chorizo, put it in pan suitable for the oven. Place it in preheat oven (175 degrees) and bake it until potatoes are soft. When ready, take the pan out of the oven, add 4 eggs on top with grated lactose free cheese and put it back to the oven. Cook it until the eggs are fried and cheese nicely melted. You can serve with tomato, avocado or with corn tortillas.

Chorizo omelette with fried eggs

Other version of fried eggs and and spicy chorizo 🙂 Enjoy it!

Blog 331











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