Wild Alaskan pink salmon with mixed vegetables

I do not know how you, but we like fish, mainly salmon. However, we do not have it that often. This time I have prepared steamed wild Alaskan pink salmon with steamed mixed vegetables and ciabatta croutons. The preparation is easy and really quick, you can have lunch or dinner in 30 minutes.


What do you need: 

500 g wild Alaskan pink salmon

350 g of mixed vegetables (I picked green beans, green peas, baby carrots, corn and you can add for example broccoli, cauliflower, etc.)

sweet paprika powder 

onion and garlic powder




himalaya salt

lime juice 

ciabatta croutons

Firstly, I prepare my steam cooker. It is great thing – it can have 3 layers and in each layer, you can do whatever you want. So, this time, I prepared steamer with two layers – one layer for salmon and second one for vegetables.

Afterwards, season salmon pieces from both sides with sweet paprika powder, onion and garlic powder, estragon, thyme, sage and himalaya salt. When ready, place pieces into first layer of steam cooker. The second layer will be filled with vegetables and you can sprinkle himalaya salt on top. Let it steam for 15 – 20 minutes and serve. You can serve it with ciabatta croutons 🙂 As I mentioned before – easy and really quick dish if you need to safe time and still have delicious meal!



Vero & Canito



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