When low in resources…

Last few weeks, I was really sick. At the beginning it was just cold, I had sore throat mainly and feeling tired a bit. It was not actually that bad. I prepared myself lot of tea, ginger tea and ginger syrup, when having headache or fever then I took paracetamol. So really nothing that bad and little Canito did not get sick and it was for me the most important. However, after two weeks, no improvement. Other way round!!! I am not sick often and if so, just for few days, ginger helps and happy days again. But suddenly, I had more than one cold sore in my lips, eye infection, I felt awfully tired and my whole body was in pain. But… the same as you are pregnant – not that many medical options for breastfeeding mums when you get sick. My immune system went down completely and doctor at GP told me to keep having lots of tea, rest as much as possible and for my eyes – rinse them with my milk. Surprise for me, but it really helped! All my antibodies were there of course. However, I still did not feel well. The last drop for my already stressed mind and body – I lost milk for my little one! I could not believe it and I felt so bad.

I desperately wanted to get the milk back and breastfed my baby, I did not want to give up and give him only bottle.Β That day, we decided to go to Chinese doctor. It was Saturday, I remember. I got a tea – absolutely horrendous taste :-), but I would do everything for little Canito.

Blog 166

I prepared it every day, drunk it twice and it helped. Finally, I felt better and milk supply is back as well. Not that much as before, but still enough to feel happy and not being stressed anymore πŸ™‚

Vero & Canito


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