Seven months of little Columbus and starting with fruits

Our little Columbus has been ready for new step – fruits. We have started with bananas, apples and pears. And as well in combinations with vegetables. However, milk is still the biggest part of his daily menu. Check, how does our purees look like πŸ™‚

  • Banana mash
  • Pear puree
  • Apple mash with banana

1 apple, 1 banana, water suitable for babies. Wash properly the apple, peel it and cut it in slices. Take a pot with stainless steel steamer. Put slices of apple on to of steamer together with slices of banana. Steam it until soft. When ready and cooled down, blend it.


  • Garden dream

1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 banana and you can add 5 drops of olive oil. Apple and carrot are grated, mixed with mashed banana and we add a bit of olive oil. Or you can steam everything and mix it with together in small blender.


  • Pumpkin mash with banana

1 banana and sufficient amount of cooked / steamed pumpkin are blended together.


  • Carrot / pumpkin mash with apple



  • Rice with milk and apple
  • Carrot mash with pear
  • Banana puree with pear



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