Chicken Tinga

This weekend we had “Mexican” mood and my husband took initiation to prepare something. He is actually great cook and likes to spoil me during the weekends. I have to say – I love his regular weekend´s breakfasts. And this time, we had for breakfast chilaquiles for breakfast (the recipe is coming soon) and for lunch we had chicken Tinga. Or in other words – delicious Mexican dish originated in Puebla (Mexico) which is made with shredded chicken in a red and green tomatoes sauce, chipotle chilli and onion strips served on a tortilla and with rice.


And what do you need: 

300 g chicken breasts 

6 tomatoes

1 onion 

1 – 2 garlic cloves 

2 pieces of chipotle chilli or for non spicy version use 1 tea spoon of smoked paprika powder









Firstly, start with boiling of chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Let it boil until soft and ready to be shredded. In the mean time, take a bigger pan, heat it up without oil and put tomatoes. Fry them until slightly burn and bit of tomato skin remains in the pan. When the tomatoes are ready, blend them with garlic cloves and chipotle chilli or paprika powder. After blending the tomato, salsa is ready to be cooked in the same pan as the tomatoes were fried. Add oil to the pan, chopped onion and fry until golden. While frying the onion, shred the chicken breast and add them to the pan. Afterwards, add salsa and 2 scoops of remaining chicken broth. Let it boil, when start boiling lower the heat and cook around 30 minutes. Use the rest of chicken broth for rice preparation. There is no need to add salt, just parsley and corn.

To finalise this great Mexican dish, serve with tortillas and avocado 🙂


Buen provecho!

All Canitos









13 thoughts on “Chicken Tinga

  1. I love reading your posts, so similar to mine/husbands and our toddlers life.. husband is Columbian (South American) and I’m Danish.
    Living in the UK, working in London.
    I’m definitely going to try some of your dishes and recipes.. also the Czech ones.
    We are lucky though, there are some authentic Columbian restaurants in London.. x

    Liked by 1 person

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