Chicken on paprika sauce… Childhood memories

Last week I had one of the busy days that you do not know where is your head standing. It seems that little Canito starts teething and for me as a “new” mum, everything is simply surprising, new and lesson of life πŸ™‚ That day, I was wondering if I can handle all that… He was all in pain, crying, did not want to play, listen my fairy tales, watch my silly faces. Nothing. However, in the afternoon we were in playground and afterwards, he fell asleep, had a long nap and I could prepare something for dinner. Quick chicken on sweet paprika sauce which reminds me my childhood. I loved and still love, when my mum prepares it.

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What do you need for 2 portions:

300 g chicken breasts

sweet paprika powder

100 ml lactose free cream

1 spoon of flour

parsley (dry or fresh)

1 onion

salt and pepper



Cut chicken breasts in small pieces, put in a bowl, add small spoon of oil, dry or chopped fresh parsley and around 2 spoons of sweet paprika powder. Β Mix everything properly together and put it aside until chop onion into small pieces. Take a pot, add oil with copped onion and fry it until golden. When golden, add chicken pieces, fry it and when fried, add pint of water (you can use instead of water chicken or beef broth if you have it prepared). Let it boil and in mean time, start boiling water for pasta and cook according to pasta package πŸ™‚

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When you have pasta pot, sauce is boiling, remove the meat from the sauce pot and put it aside. Add to the pot lactose free cream and small spoon of sweet paprika powder. Put aΒ spoon of flour into a bowl and add small glass of water. Whisk it properly and poor in the pot with sauce. Let it boil for 30 minutes and do not forget to stir it. To finalise, put the meat back into sauce, stir it and when pasta is ready, serve πŸ™‚

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Vero and Canito


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