Bean goulash with rice and Mexican touch

This time, I have prepared bean goulash. Goulash is originally Hungarian dish made of chopped meat cubes in onion sauce, seasoned with paprika powder. In the Czech Republic many versions of goulash are popular. Depending on the type of meat and the recipe, other types of spices can be added (except paprika powder) and I have used them this time.


What do you need:

400 g minced beef (or pork if you prefer)

bigger part of spicy chorizo

2 bigger cups of red beans (soaked one day earlier)

1 onion

4 tomatoes

6 garlic cloves

beef broth or water with vegetable stock

3 pieces of bay leaf

sweet paprika powder

chilli powder



1 cup of rice

corn tortillas


Good start is with beans – soak them one day in advance or over the night, before start cooking the goulash.

When the beans are soaked, we can start with goulash itself. Chop onion is small pieces and put them in bigger pot with oil. Heat it up and fry it until golden. Add minced meat, 2 2 – 3 full spoons of paprika powder, chilli powder (according to your taste or even skip it if you do not want to have it too spicy), pepper and fry it, until minced meat is soft. It is important not to burn paprika, otherwise the goulash is going to be a bit bitter. When the meat is ready, we can add cut spicy chorizo. Afterwards, soaked beans follow with beef broth of water and vegetable stock and let it boil. When is goulash cooking, cut tomatoes in bigger pieces and add them to the pot, following by garlic cloves and bay leaves. Let it cook approximately an hour or until a bit of water remains.Β In the mean time, start with cooking of rice.


When we have goulash and rice ready, the tortillas can be warmed up, avocado chopped and we can serve. However, I have to mention – second and third day, goulash is always better πŸ˜‰


Vero and Canito










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