Spinach soup

Soup is genial dish, which gives energy and lot of liquids. This soup is from fresh spinach leaves. And here the recipe follows.


What do you need: 

300 g fresh spinach leaves

100 ml of lactose free cream 

1 spoon of butter 

2 yolks

2 spoons of plain flour 


2 pieces of bay leaf



beef broth or water with vegetable stock

Wash spinach properly, chop it smaller pieces and shortly cook it in the pot. Afterwards, add beef broth if you have it ready or as I did – vegetable stock, lactose free cream and flour mixed in cold water. Let it boil around 30 minutes. Then add pepper, nutmeg, turmeric and add spoon of butter. To finalise, add yolks, but stop cooking already.

You can serve with bread, croutons… Whatever you like 🙂


Enjoy it!

Vero & Canito


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