8 months of infinite love

Eight months. I cannot believe that little Canito is already eight months old. When I was younger, my parents always told me that time is going incredibly fast. I was always thinking: “Come on, I want to be 15, I want to be 18 and know how to drive a car, I want to go to university…” Β and thousands of many other things which seemed to be incredibly far away. Time did not fly! But now… I wish I could slowed it down. Just a bit. I am enjoying every single second, minute, hour, day with my little one. I am so in love! Of course, we have difficult days, but even those ones are unforgettable and deeply written in my memory.

When Canito was born I have started to make and write for him a memory book with added Polaroid pictures. Sharing with him all memories, his first steps in his life. I know, technology is all around, everything is digital and do not know what else it could be… But what if everything suddenly collapsed like in sci-fi? πŸ˜› Then I will not be sad… I will have few nice Polaroid moments and deep memories written in my heart. This is my infinite love to my son… ❀️


He has just started to explore world on his knees. Well, not crawling yet, just bouncing, however trying to reach world with rolling over, having different perspectives of world while sitting and repeating all our interesting noises and likes to shout so much that headache at the end of the day is must ☺️ But I would have never changed it for anything… And soon, I have to go back to work. I am still not fine with that idea. Before that happens, we are going to have holiday with grandparents in Czech Republic, so let’s take step by step…

Vero & Canito


2 thoughts on “8 months of infinite love

  1. Hello Vero! Thx for the follow, I’m glad you like my blog and at least I got to discover yours as well. I love it! Very colourful and honest! Take care and enjoy that wonderful exploring time with your son! πŸ™‚

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