New tastes and textures for little Columbus {8 months}

Little Columbus is growing and growing really fast. We have started with meat, and Canito simply loves it. How does our food and simple recipe look?

Green peas soup with cracker

1 cup of green peas (fresh or frozen), 1 cracker (depends on size) and 250 ml of water suitable for infants.

Cook green peas until soft and blend it until smooth. If too liquid, you can add rice powder Cerelac and adjust the consistency. Cracker can be sprinkled on top.

P.S.: I have to say, that little Canito is really not fan of green peas πŸ˜€ Maybe a bit later. However, crackers he loves (corn puffs). I buy him from Organix range.


Vegetable soup #1

4 pieces of 3 cm big carrots and celery, 1 potato, 250 ml of mineral water suitable for infants and 1 small spoon of olive or sunflower oil.

Well washed vegetables are cut into small pieces, put into the pot with water. Let it boil until soft (if more water is needed, keep adding). Afterwards, everything is blended together with oil. We can serve it πŸ™‚

Gordito 066

Carrot soup

Clean and grate 1 carrot and boil in 250 ml of water suitable for infants. In the next pot we boil 1 spoon of rice and mix it with soft carrot and its broth. Add 5 drops of olive oil and we can serve.

Chicken breast with carrot and potato

100 g of peeled potatoes, 50 g of carrot (additionally courgette, pumpkin, broccoli), 50 g of cut chicken breast, 100 ml of water suitable for infants, 1 spoon of olive oil.

Cook cut vegetables and chicken breast until soft, blend everything together and we can add the oil.

Vegetable risotto

3 spoons of rice, 250 ml of water suitable for infants, 3 cm big pieces of carrot, broccoli,
1 spoon of olive oil.Β 

Cook the rice until soft and steam the vegetables. Smash vegetables, add rice and olive oil and mix together. You can serve πŸ™‚

Chicken soup with rice

Small piece of chicken breast is cooked until soft and tender together with vegetables (whichever your little one likes – we like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower). Cut the cooked chicken breast into the soup, smash the vegetables with fork and add 1 spoon of cooked rice. We can as well add already small pieces of fresh parsley. Instead of rice we can add yolk and boil it properly.

Vegetable soup #2

Pieces of carrot, celery and leek, 1 potato, Nestle Cerelac rice, 250 ml of water suitable for infants, 1 spoon of olive oil.Β 

Grate vegetables and cut leek into small pieces. Add water, spoon of olive oil and cook until soft. Smash everything with fork and add spoon of Cerelac.


Pasta with turkey meat

100 g of pasta, 40 g of turkey breast, 1 spoon of lactose free cheese.Β 

Cook the pasta and cut them into small pieces, mix with small pieces of cooked turkey breast. On the plate, we can add a bit of grated lactose free cheese.

Potato mash with chicken breast

50 g of chicken or turkey breast, 50 ml of broth, 1 yolk, 100 g of potato (pasta, rice).

Cook the meat, add broth and mix 1 yolk. Afterwards mix and boil it properly. Boil potato until soft and blend everything together.

Enjoy, Vero & Canito ❀️



5 thoughts on “New tastes and textures for little Columbus {8 months}

    1. Thank you! πŸ˜‰ He really likes it. It makes me really happy, how good eater he is. He prefers more vegetables than fruit so far. Yesterday, I checked how does it look in the store, those baby cans. And I was shocked with price firstly and secondly – so many people buy it! I find it easier to prepare something instead of buy it. It “scares” me, that the expires dates is sooooo long πŸ™„

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You son is the dream for all moms, loving vegetables πŸ˜€
        I think people nowadays go more for convenience (too busy) than anything else. However they fail to understand that making baby meals at home provides the baby with so many benefits and they save money in the long run πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, and the most favorite one – broccoli! 😁
        Maybe you are right. Even when I worked before maternity leave, I always cook every day. It’s maybe laziness as well? Have you seen the documentary “Hungry for change?” I saw it just lately and I am even more convinced to continue.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I always take homemade meals to work. When I don’t have time, I make a medium pot of congee to take to last me for two days.
        You know I have not seen the documentary, now you got me “hungry” for it. I will look it up. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Liked by 1 person

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