Broccoli – spinach soup

Other favourite soup of ours. We do not have week without at least one soup. This time, it is broccoli – spinach Β soup as I bought both in open market and spinach is going with almost everything πŸ™‚ And it is easy, quick and delicious.


What do you need:

1 broccoli

400 g of fresh spinachΒ 

1/2 Blue cheese

2 pieces of bay leaf


pepper and cayenne pepper


Take a bigger pot, add cut broccoli, spinach, add water with bay leaves, nutmeg and cook until soft. When ready, cool it down and in mean time, cut the Blue cheese. When are vegetables colder remove bay leaves and nutmeg. Blend broccoli, spinach, Blue cheese and the rest of spices all together. You can leave few bigger pieces if you like. Boil blended soup for 10 minutes and serve, maybe with crackers πŸ™‚



Enjoy the green pleasure!

Vero & Canito


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