“Green” lasagne

It seems that green is favourite colour of mine lately. Green soups, green smoothies and today “green” dish – lasagne. My fridge is full of vegetables so I picked egg plant, spinach leaves, broccoli and courgette for today´s lasagne.


What do you need (for 4 portions): 

10 lasagne sheets


For ragú: 

1 eggplant

400 g spinach leaves

1 smaller broccoli

2 courgettes

250 ml lactose free sour cream

2 crushed garlic cloves

salt and pepper

thyme and parsley


For white sauce

150 g lactose free cheese/mature cheddar cheese 

2 big spoons of Greek yogurt

100 ml lactose free cream

Take a big pan for preparation of ragú, add all chopped vegetables together with spices with garlic, cup of water and cook covered with lid, until soft. When the vegetables are ready and not much water remains, add lactose free sour cream and let it boil for a while. Add pepper and salt according to your taste. While is the ragú being boiled, prepare the white sauce and start boiling water for lasagne sheets. For white sauce, the cheese has to be grated, mixed with 2 spoons of Greek yogurt and lactose free cream in bowl. Add salt and pepper and mixed properly. This time, I used white ragú only as a top layer. In separate bowl, I grated enough lactose free cheese for each layer.


When ragú and white sauce is ready, start with cooking of lasagne sheets. I use shallow pan and cooking 2 sheets at the time, so they do not stick together. Prepare glass or ceramic lasagne pan and when lasagne sheets are ready, place them on the bottom of the pan. The next layer is layer of grated lactose free cheese. I had 3 ragú layers. The last layer is covered with lasagne sheets with top white sauce layer and additional grated cheese layer. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees and when the lasagne pan is ready, place it to the oven and cook it for about 45 minutes or until golden brown on top, bubbling around the edges appears and the pasta is soft.


You can serve green lasagne for example with salad – avocado, tomato, chard, baby spinach, baby red lettuce, Feta cheese and black sesame seeds.


Enjoy it!

Vero & Canito


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