Chia seeds pudding with strawberries and mint

Lately, I watched documentary Hungry for Change. It is not new movie, however I found it just now. And I was impressed. To be honest, our family has quite balanced diet, from time to time we have something unhealthy, however we have enough vegetables and fruits, smoothies and lot of sport, we are fit. In the movie are mentioned chia seeds. I have known them, however I have never tried them before so I have decided to give it a go and here we go – I prepared chia seeds mash and my husband has taken today carrot – butternut squash – strawberry – banana – mango smoothie with chia seeds. And the result – it is actually quite tasty πŸ™‚


Chia seeds or in other words magic tiny seeds of saffron sage, which not only contain a lot of minerals, antioxidants, fibres, proteins and omega 3 acids, but thanks to its hydrofoil character are able to bound water up to around 10 times of its volume. While saturated, chia seeds make a thick gel, which helps with digestion. Therefore, slower down the sugar transformation into simple sugars. Energy from food is thus released slower.


And what do you need for chia seeds mash:Β 

250 ml almond milk (coconut is as well good)

100 ml of waterΒ 

2 spoons of almond flakes

handful of strawberries (according to your taste)

6 spoons of honey

8 spoon of chia seeds

1/2 spoon of ground cinnamon

fresh mintΒ 

Take a smaller pot and mix milk with water together. heat it up and bring it to boil. While bubbling appears, add chia seeds and almond flakes, reduce the heat into small and stir constantly. Cook it approximately 10 minutes. While cooking, add spoons of honey (I found 6 spoons quite sweet, so next time I will use probably only 4) and let it boil again for a while. Until is the consistency as you prefer (I like it a bit more thicker). You can switch it off and serve into bowl.

Wash and cut strawberries (I am sure, it will be great with all kind of berries or other preferable/seasonal fruit) and add into the bowl on top, sprinkle cinnamon, add mint leaves and if it is not sweet enough, add honey. It will be tasty as well with sprinkled cacao or almond flakes.Β Β It is really quick and great breakfast. I will definitely do it again πŸ™‚


Enjoy it!

Vero & Canito


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