25 self – confidence boosters

Have you ever experienced a loss of self – confidence? Judged so little about yourself? Has it happened that from one doubt suddenly the feeling that you are not worth anything has came up and life has gotten only black?


When it happened to me for the first time, I was a child. And my dad advised me: “At every single moment like this, talk to yourself as you were talking to someone you love.” Whoever loses self – confidence is afraid. I was as well. But the best way how to overcome fear is to do exactly what we are afraid of. Nothing can build up self – confidence as an internal defiance and the achievement of what we have doubted. And it works. You are not alone. I am sure that almost everyone has gone at least once through something like that. So – cheer up and keep going! πŸ™‚

  1. “Make yourself a partner with whom you will be happy to live. You will love him because he can look for sparks of contentment, fancy them, and then you will understand that even from the trifles can come a flame of happiness.” Steven Spielberg, director
  2. “When the inner voice says: You can not paint it, then I start to paint it and that voice is getting weaker…” Vincent van Gogh, the painter
  3. “The key to success is self-confidence. And the key to self-confidence is readiness. The realisation that our body, mind and soul can afford a new experience, and it needs it, unlocks the door to new adventures.” Gina Rinehart, the mining Australian
  4. “Low self – esteem is not a life sentence. Self – consciousness can be taught, learned and sucked under the skin – just like any other habit. Once you experience it, everything in life will change for better.” J. K. Rowling, writer
  5. “They are not mountains that we conquer in life. It is us.” Sir Edmund Hillary, climber
  6. “Make one little thing for yourself: Believe. You can always do more than you think. The brain only believes in what you achieve. But you are able to do that before you know it.” Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA
  7. “When you start to believe, you will understand how to live.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe, writer
  8. “Successful people are also afraid. Successful people also doubt themselves. Successful people will not just allow negative feelings to stop them.” T. Harv Eker, motivator
  9. “Do not wait for a better time. None is perfect. There will always be challenges and obstacles in your head. Life is just about taking a step and go ahead. With each step you will be stronger, more skillful, more confident, more successful.” Bruce Lee, action actor
  10. “Being yourself in an environment which is constantly trying to make you someone else is a real success.” Richard Branson, businessman
  11. “You can have whatever you want, only when you are willing to give up the idea that you can not.” George Soros, investor
  12. “As a young one, I thought my body was ugly. Later, I discovered that it is up to me me whether I will hate or like myself. And I chose the second one. Since then, I do not think I’m ugly. Self-confidence made myself sexy in front of me.” Nick Vujicic, preacher and speaker
  13. “Speak to yourself as if you were your best friend, and you will never be alone. Because you can not be alone if you like the person you are with.” Benjamin Franklin, inventor
  14. “In twenty years you will be more sorry for what you have not tried than what you have tried. So explore, dream and discover.” Mark Twain, writer
  15. “My self – confidence does not come from the certainty that it will definitely be truth. My self – confidence is the opposite of fear.” Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter
  16. “Fight with your limits and they will move.” Steve Jobs, founder of Apple
  17. “If we were to embark on things that we are most capable of, we would be absolutely stunned.” Thomas Alva Edison, inventor
  18. “The body needs training. When I do not want to go to the gym, I know that is just the moment I need the gym. I cannot get lazy, otherwise I would lose energy, movement ahead and self-confidence. So when my coward I says: I’m not going to the gym tonight, my braver I must catch him and take him to the gym.” Anna Brandejs, doctor, businesswoman
  19. “That it does not work out immediately is always one of the options – even in art or exploration. No effort that requires innovation can be done without risk. Let us be willing to take the risk, the fact that it will not work. It’s going to make our self – confidence easier.” James Cameron, director and adventurer
  20. “Inactivity produces doubts and fear. Activity generates self – confidence and courage. If you want to defeat fear, do not go home and think about how life is against you. Go out, work and see how life is actually colourful.” Dale Carnegie, writer
  21. “Did anyone tell you that you are not good enough? Then he is no better.” Jaromir Jagr, hockey player
  22. “A self – confident person is scared of the dark, we all know it. But the non – confident is scared of the light. Worse, his own light scares him. He asks himself: How am I so great, gifted, wonderful? Can I afford to be alone and happy in front of my surroundings? … No, people without self – confidence are not really inadequate. They are far too good in their environment. That’s why they’re the target of his negation.” Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle
  23. “When you separate from the crowd and people you have known, you will lose many people who have called themselves your friends. But you will not be alone. You will get other people who will be your true friends. And you know why? Because they will respect who you are.” Petr HrubΓ½, founder of Broker Consulting
  24. “No one can make you inferior until you agree with it.” Eleanor Roosevelt, longest serving US First Lady
  25. “I do not like shy people. They are in a way narcissists, because they feel that how they look like or what they do is for others of any particular importance. I do not care what do you think about me. I’m not a narcissist.” Ernest Hemingway, writer

Yours Vero and Canito



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