Few ways how to deal with fear of flying

Holiday has started. At least for our family. Last few days I was really busy and did not know what to do first. Finally, I am sitting, relaxing and thinking about my tomorrowยดs flight. I am not that confident while flying, mainly because I do not like to be locked somewhere where I cannot get off when I feel like ๐Ÿ™‚ I think flying is part of personal development because even in the plane, we learn how to work on our own. Especially when we are afraid of flying – if we do not want to believe the statistical figure of 0.00001% and we are guilty of the fact that one of the 11 million cases when the plane crash happens will be our flight.

I know that there is many people who like to fly very much and they feel elevated in the clouds as if they were born on the wings. Then those who do not mind flying, but still have respect. However, this article is intended for those who are not the biggest fans of flying.


Few years ago I have gone through lessons how to get rid of this fear and I have to admit, I have freed myself from that fear… However, fear of being locked somewhere has not gone yet ๐Ÿ™‚ย So for you, who are not big fans of flying, here are some suggestions from someone who loves it and it is his passion – a pilot.

Learn somethingย about how the plane works

“Airplane is one of the most accomplished human inventions,” that was one the first things I have heard from the man, who has chosen this profession. To make it as easy as possible, it works on a variety of interconnected systems. If one system fails, there are a number of others in the aircraft that keep the machine in the air. It has never happened that the air crash was caused by one technical fault. In all cases, there were several very unfortunate coincidences.

Try to imagine yourself as a flight attendant or pilot

If you fly once in a while, we are still flying. It is not just our job, it is our passion. If it was dangerous, we would not do it. First of all, you have to imagine the motivation of pilots and flight attendants, while deal with the fear of flying. If you do not feel comfortable during the flight, contact your crew. Flight attendants and stewardess are trained to help you.

Turbulence is natural

Many people increase their fear when turbulence appears (I am good example). However, it is again a lack of information. Turbulence is one of the most common atmospheric phenomena. Thermal flow is unpleasant and uncomfortable, however not dangerous. There is no case where turbulence would cause a really serious accident. It is a normal part of flying. Aircrafts are, moreover, designed precisely with regard to the existence of turbulence, and their handling is one of the basics of each pilot’s training.

The plane is a glider

Many false ideas are caused by catastrophic science – fiction movies that have no connection with reality, but people believe them! One major concern is that the crash of the aircraft can cause engine failure. Firstly, each aircraft has at least two and it is very rare that both would fail at the same time. Secondly, the aircraft does not fly because of the engines, but thanks to the wings. They cause lift. If the engines were dropped, the aircraft would normally be able to fly like a glider and fly into safety. Besides, pilots usually begin on gliders.

And what if you’re already on board and are you afraid?

Check your breathing

As with any other anxiety in everyday life, it works to hold the breath for a while. Then please breathe into the lungs and breathe out in a way that you completely empty your lungs. The fear of a person has more to do with his inner world than with the external one. More with his ideas than with the facts. Continue with the rhythm of deep breaths until you get a little more relaxed.


Use positive imagination

All the time you have an exclusive time to enjoy something nice. For example, how you landed, how you got off the plane and being welcomed by your loved ones. It is not just that these positive thoughts will help overcome the nervousness of the flight, but especially that the holiday will start on the plane, much earlier.

Divide the flight into parts

Taking time on board can be productive as well. Get involved. Divide your flight time into short sections. Most unusual, which you would do while at home. Someone writes a letter, someone eats and also think about what does he eat, so the enjoyment is bigger, someone reads a magazine, somebody listens to music that does not have time, someone learns a foreign language. Not only you will feel better,ย you will move your attention away from the subjective feelings of the flight.

Trust your pilots

Flying is by far the most secure way of transport. Yes, mistakes occur, just as in every human activity, however accidents are due to human factor trapping mechanisms rarely. Most human accidents are a major part of type of accidents, however the aircraft pilots are the most trained and experienced professionals on the planet. They go through demanding training that has several stages. ย Before they get into the cockpit of a transport plane, they have to fly for thousands of hours on smaller machines. In addition, every 6 months they are tested on trainers. Besides, they are with you on board and they are there because flying is their life. Try to trust them.


So hopefully, those words will help as well someone else than only me. I m sure there is much ore ways.

Have a nice holiday to all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Vero and Canito




6 thoughts on “Few ways how to deal with fear of flying

  1. I love this post because it speaks right out of my soul! Yes, I don’t like to fly and I’m very anxious about it! But I’ll try it again and again, so as starting my holiday in August on my way from Germany to my homeland Italy, Naples! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m happy to see my parents after a year and this is what carries me through the flight! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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