Curd plum dumplings

And sweet tooth is still here! Now fruit dumplings which are as well big part of Czech cuisine πŸ™‚

At the end of the 20th century, dumplings were considered to be unhealthy and unfashionable. It was related to the change of lifestyle, which gradually lost physical exertion and, of course, to the mass promotion of various “diets” in which the dumplings did not have a place. Nowadays, there is a renaissance of dumplings in connection with the return to the traditional Czech cuisine, both in restaurants and in households. Of course, it is important that the dumplings are made of good quality raw materials and using the right recipes. For an active person, traditional Czech cuisine does not pose any danger. Everything is, of course, a matter of measure – the size of the portion is essential to adapt to the energy supply. But I think… this belongs to every cuisine πŸ™‚

However, few people are aware of the richness of the species and tastes of the dumplings. In the more detailed study of cookbooks, we can find dozens of types in hundreds of variants according to the region or family recipes.


LetΒ΄s have a look to our family recipe. What do you need:Β 

250 g of curd

2 eggs

250 g flourΒ 



svestky 002

svestky 001

Soft curd is mixed in bowl together with eggs, salt and we add such amount of flour to get not to solid dough. Mix it properly. The dough is rolled up on a board with flour and we cut squares of it. When done, we put plums in and “pack” the dumpling. We roll the round dumplings and throw them into salty boiling water. We cook them approximately 7 – 10 minutes or until they float on the surface.

Β DSC_0403

You can serve with cocoa with melted butter on top or dry – fried breadcrumbs mixed with icing sugar and melted butter. Enjoy!


Vero & Canito

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