Let´s start juicing!!

I received amazing gift from my great husband! New juicer! As we want to include even more vegetables and fruits into our day consumption than we already have, we decided to start with juicing. Even though we already make smoothies quite a lot.


Pros and cons of juicing

The main advantage of fresh juices is the intake of high amounts of vitamins and minerals that enhance immunity and fight against stress in the body. In addition, these nutrients are absorbed faster and better while liquid.

In addition, in this form, many people are able to consume also those kinds of fruits and vegetables that do not usually eat. For example, cabbage and beets are full of nutrients such as vitamin K and group B vitamins, however just a small percentage of people are usually included in their diet.

The disadvantage of juicing is the removal of insoluble fibers. Therefore, it is necessary to add to the menu either other fruits and vegetables or other kind type of fibers. The daily amount of fibers should be around 25 grams. However, do not forget, that fresh juices should not be used as a substitute for a single meal. They do not contain either the fibres or the amount of protein that feeds the body.

On the contrary, juices can be the ideal choice for detoxification of the organism. It is for example recommended to have a week of fruit and vegetable juices. Replacing a solid diet with a pressed vegetable juice not only adds a lot of vitamins, minerals and living enzymes, but in combination with other techniques, it can heal intestinal permeability, helping to solve many autoimmune diseases, inflammations and digestive problems.

Each juice has specific healing effects

The different fruits and vegetables, and therefore the juice they have, have specific properties to support our organism. You can so easily make a cocktail that will enhance your immunity, promote red blood cell production, hair growth or Greatly serve to purify the body.


Apple juice

Apples lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood lipids, strengthen the immune system, heart and blood circulation, stabilise blood sugar levels and strengthen blood vessels. They are rich in potassium, which helps with water management, promotes kidney function and muscle activity.
Apple juice contains fibers that lowers cholesterol and binds toxic substances (lead and mercury). It helps with constipation and stimulates the activity of the intestine if it is drunk in the morning.

Orange juice

Oranges generally support cell transformation in cells, eliminate lack of concentration, activate all body glands, enhance libido and potency, strengthen the immune system and improve hair appearance.
Orange juice fits to the cleansing bark, helping to overcome the organism. It is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and has a high content of vitamins A, B and C. Last but not least, it belongs to good sources of selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Pineapple juice

Helps to clean and acts as a diarrhea. It improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, acts anti-inflammatory, releases muscle tension and cramps. It drains and degrades, helps in intestinal disorders. It is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, B12 and all E vitamins.

Carrot juice

Carrot contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which contributes to the normalisation of all body functions and is the best source of vitamin A. It also contains vitamins B, C, D, E, K and selenium, a free radical removal element.
It supports digestion, acts against haemorrhoids, increases resistance to infections. Carrot juice promotes vision and breathing organs. Helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. Protects the nervous system and is suitable for cleansing the liver.
It also protects against free radicals, strengthens the mucous membrane, activates cell transformation in cells, stops the ageing process, promotes hair growth, nails and helps care for delicate skin, strengthens body immunity, heart and blood circulation.

Beetroot juice

Supports red blood cell production, strengthens the body, cleanses blood, cleanses the liver, kidneys and gallbladder, encourages the activity of the lymphatic system and is an appropriate support during climacteric. However, do not forget, it is not appropriate to drink more than 200 millilitres at a time, its strong cleaning effect may cause nausea.

Cabbage juice

It helps with constipation and thus promotes skin quality. Juice from cabbage supports the treatment of ulcers, cleans the body. Cabbage cleanses the digestive tract, contains vitamin C, chlorine, iodine, sulphur. The disadvantage of drinking the juice is flatness.

Cucumber juice

It cleanses the skin, stabilises blood pressure, helps in gum inflammation and is strongly alkaline.



Pros and cons of smoothie

The advantage of smoothie – beverages resulting from the blending of several fruits and vegetables contains all the variety of nutritionally acceptable foods. Unlike fresh juice, it also contains fibers, and if you mix milk, milk products, protein itself, or vegetable drinks (almond, rice, soy milk, etc.) or different seeds, then contains so many important proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and with its variety and nutritional value it can be as a one meal. And you can still combine so many fruits and vegetables which you do not usually eat. If you do not add more sugar (syrups, honey), sweetened almond milk or frozen fruit to the smoothie, then it can also be a good choice in reducing diets, as it can sow the body for a longer time. When you make a smoothie in any way, remember that even such a healthy drink at first glance increases the level of sugar in the blood, which causes you to start hunger again very quickly.

In both types of drinks, care should be taken when having diabetes, who may experience problems with blood sugar levels. Especially in the case of smoothie there may be problems with digestion due to the higher intake of fibers. So if you decide on any type, approach them step by step and with careful caution.

Happy juicing or enjoy your smoothie!

Vero & Canito


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