Halušky or in other words – Slovak potato gnocchi with sheep cheese

Halušky are one of the typical dishes in Slovakia and honestly, one of my favourite dishes. And what is it? They are basically potato gnocchi with sheep cheese, however you can prepare them with cabbage, curd, all kinds of cheese… Lot of variations are possible. My favourite ones are with bryndza – sheep cheese, which I have already mentioned previously.

Usually a good ratio is three parts of grated potatoes and one part of smooth flour and of course salt. Another good guideline is one egg per quarter of a pound of flour and then pour the milk so the dough is just dense. This is known by the fact that the dough drops are kept together while cooking, but together the dough drips through the holes of a grater or a special sieve, which is very handy to prepare this goodness However, I prefer the first option. I do not use any grater or sieve, only my hands and what my grandma has taught me – just spoon and plate with dough. Let s get to that a bit later 🙂


You can try to make halušky from buckwheat or rye or wholemeal flour in combination with potatoes or plain flour and add a little spice according to your taste.

What do you need for halušky with bryndza:

750 g potatoes

300 g flour

salt according to your taste

150 g bryndza (curd, sour cream)

100 g bacon (homemade is the best choice)


Peel the potatoes and grate (fine grater) them into the big bowl. When ready, add the salt, flour and mix it properly. Take a big pot, add water and salt, and bring it to boil. Then follows the preparation of “gnocchi” – halušky by itself. Put the dough into plate and slice it into small pieces and throw it directly into the pot and let it boil. When ready, halušky will float on the surface of boiling water. Remove “gnocchi” from boiling water with help of ladle with holes constantly when ready and put them into big bowl or other pot.


When all halušky are cooked, mix them in the bowl with brynzda and add salt according to your taste. Cut bacon into small pieces and fry them into small pan.


Now you have the dish ready to serve – put halušky on plate with fried pieces bacon on top. You can play with these “gnocchi” quite a lot and prepare according to you taste.



Vero & little Canito


11 thoughts on “Halušky or in other words – Slovak potato gnocchi with sheep cheese

      1. We used to have different kinds of bryndza in the old country, and Bulgarian bryndza was soft and mild, as opposed to Greek variety that is sold in the U.S. which is hard and has a stronger taste. I love it, but unfortunately, I have to stay away from dairy products. I will try to make it for guests, though, when I have company that would eat dairy. 🙂

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