“Handful” soup

Me as a soup lover and someone who does not want to waste food, I like to prepare soup so called “handful” soup. And what does it mean? It is literally soup made from handfuls of whatever you have in fridge, cupboard, whatever has left… simply what house offers. Yesterday, after my second day at work, I did not have mood to think about what to cook, so I just looked through the fridge and tadaaaaa – soup appeared.


What do you need:

1 carrot

1 celery root

1 onion

vegetable broth (water with vegetable stock)

piece of spicy chorizo

piece of cooked beef

handful of red lentils

handful of potatoes

handful of green peas

handful of beans (or handful of chickpeas)

2 pieces of bay leaf

4 pieces of all spices

3 pieces of garlic cloves


grounded cumin

salt and pepper

1 egg

fresh parsley


When you have all ingredients, cut them into small pieces. Firstly, prepare pot with oil and add chopped onion. Fry it until glassy and afterwards add carrot, celery root, all spice and bay leaves. Let it fry for a why, add pieces of chorizo. When fried a bit, add potatoes and vegetable broth or water with vegetable stock. Afterwards, add handfuls of legumes (they are better and faster cooked if you leave them over night to saturate in the water), grounded cumin and cooked beef (you do not need to use this one). We had previous day cooked beef so it was leftover and it was actually great way, how to use it. Bring it to boil and cook until all ingredients are soft. To finalise it, add marjoram, fresh parsley and salt and pepper according to your taste. Cook it for 10 – 15 minutes afterwards. Before serving, add egg and smashed garlic cloves, stir it properly and let it boil for couple of minutes. And – your soup is ready to serve.



Vero & Canito

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