Goulash #2

Goulash. Goulash. Goulash. Being from the central and eastern Europe, I simply love it. Mainly as well because of the fact that you can make plenty of variations. Only few dishes in Czech cuisine (probably other ones as well!) have as varied as goulash. Whether it’s a classic goulash, which has meat or meatless goulash, the most important thing is a dense sauce, which suits well with dumplings or bread. Try out the recipe of this goulash, goulash #2, with potatoes, soft sausage/salami that feed, warm and soothe the taste buds.


What do you need (for 6 portions): 

8 potatoes

1 whole piece (around 200 g) of soft sausage/salami 

1 onion

grounded sweet paprika powder 

grounded cumin


cayenne pepper 

Valentina sauce 

2 pieces of bay leaf 

beef broth or water with vegetable stock 

salt and pepper



Take a big pot with around 4 spoon of oil. Chop the onion into small pieces, add it into the pot and fry it until slightly golden. In the mean time, cut salami and peeled potatoes into small pieces. When is the onion ready, add salami and fry it for a while, afterwards add cut potatoes. When all ingredients are in the pot, add around 1.5 spoons of sweet paprika powder and fry it until paprika powder is cover with oil. Do not fry it too long, otherwise it will get bitter taste. Add around 1 liter of beef broth or water with vegetable stock, bay leaves, grounded cumin, cayenne pepper, pepper and marjoram. Let it cook until potatoes are soft. When soft and still lot of water remains and goulash looks like more a soup, let it boil or add a cup of 1 spoon of flour mixed in cold water and cook it approximately 30 minutes. Afterwards, nicely dense sauce should appear. To finalise, add spicy Valentina sauce (if you like spicy food) and salt according to your taste 🙂 And it is ready to serve. However, do not forget that second and third day it is always slightly better!


If you want something quick and delicious what will be your family demanding, you can try this dish! 🙂

Have a nice day!

Vero & Canito



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