Fish paella with spicy chorizo

Spanish cuisine is not only a show of colours, but also tastes. It is characterised by extraordinary flavor which is achieved thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials, mostly home-grown.

However, what Spain is all about, is the use of rice as a basic raw material. It is quite logical that the traditional Spanish dish is rice paella, which is something for the Spaniards as for the Czechs sirloin. Apart from the fact that you can find the paella on the menu in each restaurant, it is also very often part of the festive table at a variety of celebrations. If you travel to more parts of Spain, you will probably encounter more variants of paella. Each area has something specific.

However, if you want to try a real paella, as it has been preparing for many years, then head to Valencia. It was here that paella originated as a meal of peasants and fishermen. To date, the original recipe and tradition of serving on one pan has been preserved. And I love dishes from one pan or pot. For me, paella is a dish that brings together individual members at the table. If you like to experiment with your cooking, then there is nothing easier than trying to prepare your paella at home. If you do not like seafood, you do not need to use them. This is the spell of spells. Paella is incredibly versatile, you just have to learn the basic recipe and then you can adjust it to your taste. Paella is an ideal dish if you need to prepare a meal for more people, but you do not want to spend cooking all day and the tableware is left over. And at home, my husband is the one, who prepares this dish and this time only with fish, as seafood was missing in our fridge.


What do you need:

2 cups of rice 

500 g fish 

1 fish stock

1 onion

4 tomatoes

2 peppers (different colours)

2 garlic cloves 

spicy chorizo 

salt and pepper 


sweet paprika powder


2 pieces of bay leaf


olive oil 


The paella preparation starts with cutting all prepared ingredients and taking a bit pot or pan with olive oil in it. Firstly, heat up oil and add chopped onion and chorizo and fry them a bit. Add peppers, garlic, rice and continue frying for a while and do not forget to add cut tomatoes. Afterwards, poor 4 cups of water, add fish stock and all spices into the pot and stir it properly. At the end, add fish on top and let it boil. When start boiling, reduce to low heat and cook until soft (approximately 20 minutes). Easy, right? And you have delicious dish ready to serve.



Vero and Canito





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