Chicken livers with asparagus rice

The liver is not only a pate. There are dozens of different recipes to prepare this delicacy. In the kitchen, chicken, pork, beef, veal, lamb, mutton, venison, and sometimes even fish livers are most often prepared. Liver from poultry, pigs, calves and lambs are very delicate, therefore they are suitable for quick dish preparation. The beef liver is rather used in pates or soup dumplings. Individual species differ not only in size, but also in terms of fineness and taste. They have been consumed ever since, in ancient times, people ate the guts of the animals they caught to gain their strength. Today we only want to eat well and healthy, which allows us to consume the liver.

I am sure, many of you read if livers are good or bad for our organism. A lot of people are not going to eat livers no matter what. Some of them do not like their taste, others pretend to be afraid of being unhealthy food. However, it is just rumour that the harmful substances remain in the livers, in the organs which serve to clear the organism from harmful substances. It is not true. The liver does not contain any surviving pollutants.

On the contrary, they are a rich source of iron, protein (up to 20%), vitamins (A, B, D), lecithin, copper or zinc. They also contain a lot of cholesterol, which people should be careful about with their elevated levels. People with increased amounts of purine should also avoid eating liver. Due to the presence of large amounts of vitamin A, livers should not be consumed by pregnant women too often. For normal healthy individuals, the livers are only beneficial. However, like everything, it should not be eaten too often as well. The general recommendation is twice in a month.


We like to eat mainly chicken livers. I prepare them with onion in cream sauce and rice with asparagus. And what do you need?

750 g chicken livers

1 onion

125 ml lactose free cream


400 g asparagus

lactose free cheese


1 vegetable stock


When you get fresh chicken livers do not forget that they have to look glossy which is good sign of being fresh. Prepare bigger pot with oil and chop onion into small pieces. Add those pieces into the pot and fry until golden. In the mean time, wash properly livers and cut them into small pieces. Do not put any salt! If you do so, your livers will be hard as stone. When the onion is golden, add livers into the pot and fry them. When are pieces fried from all sides, add water in the pot and let it steam until soft, approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Afterwards, add half of the vegetable stock into the pot and lactose free cream and let it boil for a while. Before finalising, add pepper according to your taste. At this point, salt can be added as well. However, I do not do it as most of the time the vegetable stock already contains salt.


While cooking livers, rice can be prepared. Take a cup of rice and put it into the pot with a spoon of oil. Let if fry a bit and afterwards add 2 cups of water and the second half of vegetable stock. While cooking rice, wash asparagus and cut it into small pieces and when done, add it into the pot with rice. Let it cook, until soft. In the mean time, lactose free cheese (or whichever you prefer) is grated and added only at the end of cooking process. When you add cheese, stir it until melted and the dish is ready to serve.


 You can eat it for example with tomato, avocado and Feta cheese 🙂



Vero & Canito


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