Segedin goulash or in other words Goulash #3

As I mentioned in previous post, goulash can be in so many variations and I am introducing my variation #3 – Segedin goulash. I am big fan of sour cabbage, therefore I love that dish. At the beginning, my husband was struggling with sour taste and was not exactly the thing he would eat again, but now… He just loves it as well πŸ™‚ So if you have not tried any sour dish before, you may struggle a bit or you will fall in love immediately!

You may have heard that this goulash is coming from the Hungary and from the city which is called exactly the same. However, the origin of Segedin and its name is unrecognizable and from all possible theories and rumors, the connection with the mentioned city seems to be the most unlikely.Β But, there is also one story, which thanks to its poetic background, is also the most famous and popular story explaining the origin of Segedin. This story tells that one day in 1846 the archivist of the city of Pest (Budapest) JΓ³sef SzΓ©kely (Budapest did not exist yet, but two separate towns of Buda and Pest) went just before the closing time to his favorite pub and wanted to eat. But the kitchen had just the rest of the goulash and sour cabbage. Therefore, SzΓ©kely had told them to mix the remnants. And he liked it. So this mixture seemed to him so fond of telling about it friends and always, when they went there they ordered “Sour cabbage Γ‘ la SzΓ©kely”. Accordingly, according to this story, the Sikulsk goulash, or Segedin goulash, was created.


In short and simple, Segedin goulash is typical for Hungary, but the real origin of Segedin and the exact recipe is not really known.

What do you need:

500 g pork (shoulder, loin)

400 g sour cabbage

100 g spicy chorizo

sweet paprika powder

1 onion


3 pieces of bay leaf

75 ml lactose free cream

salt and pepper

Firstly, you can chop onion into small pieces and pork meat into cubes. When ready, take a big pan or pot with lid. Add oil, heat it up and add onion and fry until golden. In the mean time, mix the meat with spoon of sweet paprika powder (approximately). When ready, add pork pieces of meat, fry it for a while and add water. Afterwards, cover the pot and let it cook until soft.


While is meat cooking, take sour cabbage and cut it into smaller pieces. You can buy sour cabbage in plastic bags or glass jars. As I really like sour taste, I do not rinse much the cabbage, however for you who does not like the strong taste, I do recommend to rinse it with water before cutting and cooking πŸ™‚Β When all this is done and meat is almost ready, add sour cabbage and bay leaves into the pot and let it cook around 15 – 20 minutes. Just before finishing, add lactose free cream, stir it and add salt with pepper according to your taste. Let it boil for couple of minutes and your Segedin goulash is ready to serve! πŸ™‚



And with what? I have almost forgotten… While you cook meat and then meat with sour cabbage, I prepare “cup” dumplings. So when my goulash is ready, dumplings as well and you just need to cut them and serve πŸ™‚ However, dumplings are not the only one to be eaten with Segedin goulash (I just have to say, the best one πŸ˜› and the proper experience). You can grab for example piece of bread or someone eats goulash with boiled potatoes. And of course, as every goulash, pint of beer is welcome!



Vero & Canito


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      1. It is really warm in South Florida, but we run airconditioning most of the time, so it’s comfortable. On the contrary, pickling vegetables takes a little longer because it’s not warm enough. 😼


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