Spanish restaurant Galicia, Croydon – food restaurant review

Spanish cuisine has been influenced by the cuisine of Arabs and Jews who lived on the Pyrenean peninsula in the Middle Ages and the cuisine of the so-called New World, thanks to the Spanish colonial dominion in America. Seafood and salads are predominant on the coast, meat dishes and dense soups can be find inland. This cuisine has great portions, food is very tasty and sometimes a bit heavy. Spain itself has different types of cuisine, such as Catalan, Basque, Galician, Andalusian and others. The most used ingredient in Spanish cuisine is olive oil. Spain is one of the largest producers and consumers of olive oil in the world. Everywhere in Spain is traditional use of garlic, nowhere is missing vegetable and fruit, they like plenty of potatoes and tomatoes. Meals are often cooked and known as a dishes from “one pot” – and I like those types of dishes the most! 🙂


When you enter Galicia, you are warmly and friendly welcomed in this authentic Spanish restaurant. To be honest, you cannot easily find such a good customer service that makes you feel like at home, just like there. Spain and Spanish cuisine breaths from every corner. This authentic family restaurant offers variety of dishes and different types of drinks.



As a refreshment, we went for pint of Estrella Galicia, premium Spanish beer. Galicia offers customers daily menu of variety of choices to suit any of your taste buds and every single dish is prepared following the Spanish traditional recipe.


To prepare our taste buds we started with bread with butter and for lunch for two we picked 4 dishes – “tapas”, typical for Spanish cuisine. I cannot say, which dish was better.

  • Tortilla Española, or in other words eggs, potatoes, onions… It sounds simple, however this Spanish omelettes is more than that.


  • Patatas Riojana, spicy potatoes with spicy chorizo.


  • Albondigas, meat balls is spicy sauce served with rice.


  • Lomo a la plancha, in English translation – grilled pork loin with potatoes and onions.


Galicia is authentic fresh and quality Spanish – style restaurant. It is one of our favourite restaurants in Croydon and we always like to come back. The food is delicious and for us is always difficult to pick what we are going to eat, as everything is really tasty. And as I mentioned before, exceptional customer service… Even when you are leaving restaurant, having small kids or celebrating birthday!! 🙂


Buen provecho!

Vero & two Canitos


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