Creamy mushroom soup with lost egg

I am real soup lover. There is no week without soups. Today, I have prepared mushroom soup with potatoes and lost egg, or in other words – Benedict egg. When I was kid, I did not like mushrooms at all… wherever they were. However, it has changed a bit πŸ™‚


What do you need:Β 

300 g fresh mushrooms or 50 g dried mushrooms

150 g potatoes (I use 2 bigger potatoes per person)

ground cumin

1 onion

125 ml lactose free creamΒ 

2 spoons of flourΒ 

1 vegetable stock

salt and pepper

1 spoon of white vinegarΒ 

eggs (depends on for how many people is the soup prepared)

Cut mushrooms are cooked in water in bigger pot together with cut potatoes. Add vegetable stock, salt, ground cumin and chopped onion. When potatoes get softer, add flour mixed with lactose free cream and cook approximately 30 minutes. According to your taste add salt and pepper. While cooking the soup, prepare the Benedict eggs in other pot.


If you are going to prepare several eggs, it is better prepare them one by one. And how to prepare them: break the egg into the glass. Take new pot, add water and vinegar and let it boil. By using a whisk, make a whirl in boiling water and to the middle of whirl let go the egg. Thanks to the whirl, egg will have quite nice shape as well. Let it boil 2 – 3 minutes and take it out. Egg yolk will be slightly runny. Repeat the process with every egg which is needed.

Now, your soup is ready to serve with the Benedict “lost” egg on top. You can sprinkle parsley on top or add basil leaf.



Vero & Canito

23 thoughts on “Creamy mushroom soup with lost egg

      1. Hello! I recently learned that “lactose-free” really means an enzyme (lactase) was added to the product. Since I generally avoid anything with “added” stuff, because of my husband’s problems, I chose not to buy lactose-free anything. The only, and rare, exception, is ghee butter, in which the lactose has been removed by “clarifying” the butter. If you are interested, here is the blog where I got the information about lactose-free milk:
        You can either watch the video or read the explanations. They are in French, but there is always Google translate, if necessary.

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      2. Hello! What a nice article! It is really interesting. Why studying chemistry, I have done some research by myself so I am aware of few things happening with food. It is sad that we have to check everything what is said on the box of products or make our own research about the production. Thank you a lot for sharing this link!!

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  1. Thanks Vero for another great Migraine-friendly soup. Stuart doesn’t fancy mushrooms even though I love them. I’ll have to give this a try for lunch for one some day. Bravo! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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