Home – canned pork meat

There are many ways to prepare a home-canned pork and perhaps everyone will find the one he likes. However, it is always a long and slow preparation, which guarantees a high quality result, and it is worth to prepare a decent amount to enjoy it properly. Once you have it canned, you can prepare quick dinner when needed (as it happens with me from time to time πŸ™‚ ).


What do you need:

6 kg pork meat (Pork loin or a combination of neck, shoulder and lard, depends on your taste and preference)

salt and pepper


According to your taste, you can additionally add:

5 garlic cloves


crushed caraway



fresh chili peppers or chili powder

I buy about 6 kilos of pork meat, I usually buy such amount when you can find a good deal per kilo. Someone leaves the meat with bone and skin to make the taste of meat as strong as possible (the bones, of course, take away, as the meat itself drops off). Another one only and only from the cubes cut. It really depends on your taste buds. If the meat is more lean (neck or shoulder), do not forget to add lard.

Firstly, cut the meat into a bigger pieces, add salt, sprinkle with spoon of pepper and you can add a spoon of crushed caraway (do not use ground or whole caraway). Mix it properly and you can leave it over night to settle in fridge or use it directly for preparation. The most ideal preparation is in slow cooker as the cooking time is long (from 4 to 8 hours). In slow cooker you can leave it over the night. However, you can prepare it on a big pot with small fire as well or in the oven (where it is not baked, it is just such a long bubbling of flesh in the lard). The cooking time is so long because we want the meat to be completely divided and broken down into fibres. We can help with that at the end with fork.


When cooking, you can try the taste and about 1 – 1.5 hours before the end you can add chopped onion – fresh or fried. Garlic, spices and herbs are added at very end (about 30 minutes) – to be just β€œbubbled”, so the meat does not get bitter taste. The meat will not feel β€œgarlicky” as garlic gives a slightly spicy flavour and will lose strength while being cooked. If you like spicy meat, you can add chilies at the end as well.

When is your meat done, boil it immediately into dry and clean jars, tightly capped with clean and dry lids and afterwards, let them cool down. Store jars in cold.


Afterwards, home – made canned pork is ready to serve πŸ™‚ You can serve it with fresh bread (as it is shown in picture, source http://www.topzivot.cz) with well – chilled beer. The best bread is of course home – made one and crunchy πŸ™‚ Onions and pickles on top will not disappoint. Other option is for example dish with rice where the canned meat can be warmed up with onion in the pan. And again, served pickles on side will not disappoint.



Vero & Canito


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