Carrot – apple muffins with Chia seeds

Sweet tooth is in our home now! Our new au-pair loves sweets a lot. Therefore, I have decided to bake a little bit more and I have started with muffins, as I am not that experienced with baking. I and my husband are not big fans of sweets, so I prepare a healthier version of this sweet pleasure and my husband loves carrot cake.


What do you need for preparation of 8 muffins:

1 ½ cup finely grated carrots

1 cup coarsely grated apples

3 spoons Chia seeds

1 lemon finely zested

1 spoon ground cinnamon

6 – 8 spoons brown sugar (depends on how much do you like sweet, I used 6 spoons)

4 spoons vegetable oil

6 spoons self – raising flour

2 eggs

½ spoon baking powder

½ spoon soda bicarbonate

¼ spoon salt

1 spoon oats

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees and prepare 8 – 12 muffin paper cases (in my case, I prepared 9 muffins, however it can slightly vary). If you have muffin tin, put papers there and if no, any suitable pan for oven will be good. Prepare to large bowls. In the first one, mix the grated carrots, apples, cinnamon, lemon zest, sugar, salt, oil, eggs and Chia seeds. Mix everything properly and put it aside. Let it set for approximately 10 minutes. Chia seeds will expand a bit and will get a nice jelly texture.


In the meantime, stir the flour, baking powder and soda bicarbonate in the other bowl. After 10 minutes, stir the carrot – apple mixture into the bowl with flour and mix it properly. When ready, divide as evenly as possible into muffin paper cases and sprinkle the oats on top. At the end, bake muffins for 15 – 20 minutes. Afterwards, remove from the oven and leave it sit for about 5 minutes, then you can arrange it on a plate and let it cool completely.


To finalize, make yourself good cup of coffee or tea and enjoy sweet pleasure!


Vero & Canito

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