The Versatile Blogger Award… Award #2

Thank you very much are my first words! 🙂 After being sick, I am catching up and such a nice surprise! What can I say? Just few months of being part of the “blogger” family and I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award. Such a pleasure and big thanks to my followers and “blogger” friends. Thank you!! One of them, Milanka from Milanka’s Fine Food, told me something really nice last time – the best award is that you can talk to other ones, they follow your posts and just be here with you and I absolutely agree. It is the biggest award for me as well!

Thank you, BusyMetti from babybliphusbandandme for nominating me for a versatile Blogger Award 🙂 She has a great blog about recipes and her life with her boys! Congratulations for your baby boy again! 🙂


It’s an honor to be nominated, though in this case, every nominee is a winner

According to the Versatile Blogger Award Rules, I need to do five things to preserve the spirit of this award:

Nominees should know that if you are nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, you have already won 


Display the Versatile Blogger Award logo on my post


Write and publish a blog post thanking and linking back to the person who nominated me

Checked! Thank you BusyMetti again 🙂 You have lovely blog!

List seven random facts about myself

List of random facts… Hmmm, what should I say… 😀

  • I have OCD for cleaning and order. Not that sever and only at my place, but I do. Everything has to have own place, things have to be done in certain ways. I like to do things by myself and that way I do not bother anyone around. It is annoying and I am wondering why those OCDs even appear?! 🙂
  • As a kid I wanted to be lawyer or doctor or scientist. Nothing like being princess or “girly” things did not interest me. I made lot of mess at home when doing my experiments. At the end – I am scientist – engineer.
  • I always wanted to live abroad and family with foreigner. And I have the best family ever now!
  • I wish I could develop teleport so I can travel and visit my families whenever I can!
  • I am introvert and shy person (really!). However my husband thinks I am crazy that I even think that 😀
  • I am a dog lover!
  • I love art in many ways… painting, DIY.. whatever creative, I love it.

Nominate up to 15 other blogs that you follow and believe deserve recognition for their hard work

Nara from From zero to zygote, a new mum who has gone through many things and should be inspiration for many people. I really love her blog and admire her how does she cope with her life!

A little Swiss, a little Canadian, amazing food blog with great recipes! Get inspired as I do!

Charlie’s mum from charliesmumsite, a new mum who blog about her little one and her journey through motherhood.

Teagan R. Geneviene from Teagan’s Books. I love her posts!! If you love fantasy fiction, you will fall in love. Browse around.

Fitnessgrad and her blog about staying healthy and fit in many ways!

Thank you all for your amazing blogs, I love reading them and enjoying them! And I am looking forward to read much more!


Have a nice day!

Vero & little Canito



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