Creamy spinach tagliatelle with cheese

Do you know those days when you are exhausted from work, your amazing kid has so much energy that you are wondering where does it come from and suddenly, it is evening and dinner is not ready yet? This happened to me yesterday. Trains delayed, I was happy to come home and played with little Canito and I do not know how, suddenly was evening there, hungry stomach and husband at home. I was just wondering where the time has gone… However, I love those moments. I just wish I could stop time for a while or just do not care about time at all 🙂

So… Our dinner was quick creamy spinach tagliatelle! I love pasta. When you have really good quality one, you can even eat them with olive oil, bit of cheese and you think you have just mastered the art of cooking! When I start with preparation, I realized that I do not have enough tagliatelle for 3 people, so I mixed it with spaghetti. Still good though. The only thing I am really sad about are pictures… As it was really late, the light was not my friend anymore for taking nice pictures.


What do you need

1 – 2 bags tagliatelle (or like me, 1 pack of fresh tagliatelle and approximately 100 g of spaghetti)

2 pieces of garlic cloves

450 g baby spinach

100 m lactose free cream

4 table spoons sour cream

½ lemon for lemon juice

grated cheese (parmesan would be the best option)

salt and pepper

olive oil



Take a big pot and start with boiling of pasta. Do not forget to put salt. I feel like you can never put too much salt while boiling pasta so put a decent amount and add spoon of olive oil. While is tagliatelle getting ready, take a big pan, add olive oil and crushed garlic cloves. Heat it up and when garlic starts smelling nicely in your kitchen, add fresh baby spinach leaves, cover the pan and let it stew. Afterwards, add lemon juice, lactose free cream and 4 spoons of sour cream. Let it boil in small fire and add salt and pepper according to your taste. In the meantime, pasta gets ready so it can be added into the pan and mixed with creamy spinach sauce. When ready, you can serve with sprinkled cheese on top. The best combination would be parmesan, however elf probably ate our so I picked lactose free cheese and my husband cheddar. Pasta is best freshly made! So enjoy this quick and very simple dish.


Vero & Canito

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