Wimbledon Park Food Festival 2017

It has been a while when we visited Wimbledon Park Food Festival. We just had a longer weekend here, August 26 – 28. And I have to say, I was really impressed. The area of festival is beautiful. Well, in the other hand… what can you expect when you say Wimbledon? Green everywhere.

The area of festival was not that big, however really nice and cozy. We really enjoyed it. Festival offered a wide range of food, drinks, bread and pastries, meat and cheese. They had as well area of “Talks and Tastings” which I found really interesting! And what makes me really happy, there was a great area for kids so our little monkey did not need to stay in buggy all the time. It was really fun!

We arrived just around lunch time and the weather was amazing (probably too hot for me as I got red). So we started from the thirsty end – beer from Harvey´s brewery! And as a souvenir we ended up with nice bottle of beer which is now part of our bottle collection.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

When I looked around, I did not know where to go first, to be honest, so we walk around and ended up in “Talks and Tasting area” and had a bit of rest with beer and listening and tasting Caribbean cuisine.

My stomach is kind of clock and it told me that lunch would be appreciated. So what I was craving? Sausage! As I mentioned previously while visiting Croydon Food Festival, we are sausage lovers – but only good ones. And guess what? We found delicious sausages – Heavenly Sausage! We picked one, with some additional toppings and as well with bowl of pierogi filled with meat or cheese. Both delicious!


And what to drink? Plenty of things to pick. I went for ginger – lemon drink, mojito Mavericks. My husband went with different beers – Harvey´s, Dorking brewery, the Craft Beer Cab and follow up with spicy mango mojito and frozen cider.

August 2017_061

I have tried as well red chocolate wine (really strong!!). While digesting and getting really warm we, of course, did not forget about little Canito and spent some time in kid’s area.

After our break, we continued through the food market and thinking what is next, everything was appealing. They should think about making smaller portions as our stomach has limited volume, so we would definitely try more things! 🙂 At the end, we ended up buying cave cheddar cheese from and “sweet tooth” caught me so I got a Frieda´s frozen yogurt. Delicious! Not that sweet (as I am not the biggest fan of sweets) and with fresh fruit.

August 2017_097

And not to forget mentioning Freddie’s flowers! Just before we have decided to leave, those beautiful flowers caught our eyes. To support new business we decided to subscribe and receive really beautiful flowers at home. Thank you, Freddie!

Over all, thank you for such nice festival and we are looking forward to visit it next time! It was perfect family day out for us.

Vero and two Canitos ❤

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