Red lentils salad with salmon/fish cake

Red lentils are a popular legume, which also contains a considerable amount of protein, so it can also be used as a main meal. It is also very popular among vegans and vegetarians whose protein in the diet is often lacking. With red lentils, as with other legumes, they can comfortably complement them.

The red lentils should be included in everyone’s diet, especially by you, who wants to lose few kilos πŸ™‚ Consumption in this regard is particularly interesting because with the red lentils you do not have the need to eat so often, or you even a sweet taste buds will not be coming to you. In this respect, it also has a positive effect on the level of blood sugar, because its consumption does not lead to its increase.Β The high iron content of the red lentils helps to improve hematopoiesis, the lens also lowers cholesterol or affects the digestive system, and is a great prevention of, for example, constipation and other bowel problems. If you have not tasted it yet, try it out, you can prepare a whole range of interesting dishes. This time, I have prepared red lentils salad with salmon cake, even for little Canito πŸ™‚


What do you need for salmon cakes

300 g potatoes

200 g of salmonΒ 


olive oilΒ 

3 eggs

1 lemon


bread crumbs

salt and pepper


What do you need for red lentils salad

1 cup of red lentils

2 pieces of bay leaf

2 courgettes

2 bigger carrots

200 g of cherry tomatoes

olive oilΒ 

salt and cayenne pepper

Firstly, put red lentils into the pot with water and let it saturate for 2 hours. Afterwards, good start is preparation of salmon cakes. At the beginning I wanted to prepare salmon just only in steam cooker. But I realised, that I do not have enough for all of us, so fish cake was an option.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into smaller chunks, cook in boiling salted water until soft. Steam salmon with parsley, salt and pepper in steam cooker until cooked. In the mean time, chop fresh parsley leaves. When ready, mash the potatoes with fork in a bowl, add salmon and mash as well. Add flour, egg and chopped parsley, pinch of salt and pepper. Grate over the lemon zest and mix everything properly together.

When prepared, take 3 bowls – first bowl is four (approximately 2 full spoons, however if needed more, add more), second is for the last two eggs and the third one is for bread crumbs. Divide the salmon mixture into 6, shape it, pat into circles and put it into first bowl with flour, the with egg and then to the last bowl with bread crumbs. Heat up the pan with oil and fry salmon cake one by one until nicely golden.


When ready, we can start with red lentils salad. Bring the pot with lentils to boil with bay leaves and salt and let it boil until soft (approximately 10 – 15 minutes if you saturated them before). Chop courgettes and carrots into small pieces and fry them in big pan. When are lentils ready, add them to the pan with slightly fried vegetables, mix together. Stop cooking and to finalise, add chopped cherry tomatoes, mix it and add salt and cayenne pepper according to your taste. The salad is ready to serve with prepared salmon cakes.


Additionally, I prepared for our little money red lentils with vegetables as well. Take 3 spoons from the pot with saturated lentils and put them in different pot. Chop 1 carrot and 1 smaller courgette and boil everything together until soft. And salad for little ones is ready as well! Our little Columbus loves it! πŸ™‚Β 


Enjoy it!

Vero and Canito ❀




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