Warm salad with 3 types of rice and spiced chicken

Salad, salad and salad again. That was our dinner. This time, warm salad prepared from three types of rice and spiced chicken pieces. I fell in love with wild rice last time, so I bough thrice rice mix including long grain brown rice (67%), red rice (23%) and wild rice (10%).

  • Brown rice – Brown rice is an unrefined and unpolished whole grain which is produced by just removing the surrounding hull of the rice kernel. Its grain retains its nutrient-dense bran and germ layer. It is chewier as compared to white rice and has a nutty flavor. Most of us are aware about the fact that brown rice is better than white rice. The reason that makes the it stand out is the super quality and quantity of nutrients which the brown rice offers. Unlike white rice, it does not go through the process of milling and polishing and hence retains its immense treasure of healthful components. The process of milling that converts brown rice into white rice strips away most of its nutritional value. You can find many varieties of brown rice in the market with their unique flavor, aromatic components and varied concentration of fatty acids.

  • Red rice – The red variety gets its rich colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanins, which are also found in deep purple or reddish fruits and vegetables. The compound is believed to have properties that can reduce inflammation, allergy, prevent risks of cancer and help in weight management. The manganese present in both varieties helps in strengthening metabolism, while magnesium helps in migraine, lowers blood pressure as well as risks of heart attack. Moreover, since they are high in fibre content, the digestion process is slow, which leads to a strengthened digestive system. Fibre also aids in slowing down the rate at which carbs are converted into blood sugar; therefore fibrous foods are low on the glycemic load.

  • Wild rice – I have mentioned already something previously, so here is the link 😉


What do you need for salad:

1 cup of thrice rice mix

750 g of chicken breast

4 spoons of sour cream

1 red onion

2 handfuls of walnuts

1 handful of sunflower seeds

olive oil

juice from ½ of lemon

2 garlic cloves

8 – 10 pieces of basil leaves

Himalaya salt 

1 tbls sweet paprika powder

1 tbls turmeric


Start with rice preparation. Put 1 cup of rice mix into the pot and add 2 – 2.5 cups of water. Let it boil without stirring. Once ready, let it set for 10 minutes in the pot.

While is rice cooking, cut chicken breasts into small pieces and mix them with sweet paprika powder and turmeric. Take a big pan, add olive oil and fry walnuts with sunflower seeds. Afterwards, add chopped red onion and chicken pieces. Add crushed garlic cloves, fry it until is chicken ready and add sour cream. Lower the heat and let it “bubble”.



Take a bowl, add spoon of olive oil, lemon juice, chopped basil leaves, Himalaya salt with pepper, mix it properly and add it into the pan. Mix it with meat and stop cooking. If I had 2 handfuls of rucola (arugula) leaves and 1 handful of cranberries, I would add it into the mix.

This recipe is very quick for busy days!


Vero & little Canito






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