Let´s go mushrooming!

Each sunrise is a fresh start

a new day

a brand new pencil on an empty page…



Today, we had an “Indian summer”.  Beautiful and warm sunny day. Perfect day to go to the forest and if being lucky, bring some mushrooms back for lunch! 🙂 And guess what.. we were lucky! I think, for many foreigners, it is something new – mushroom collecting or mushroom gathering or simply mushrooming. For Czechs, it is a national hobby. You do not need much with you – basket, pocketknife, good shoes and good mood 🙂

I have mentioned we were lucky – we brought two full baskets of mushrooms, all edible ones:

  • bay boletes
  • parasol (mushroom)
  • and of course champignon.

Once we have our mushrooms, you have several options what you can do with them:

  • make a mushroom snitzels – mainly from parasol mushrooms and it is absolutely delicious! Actually, my favourite one 🙂
  • scrambled mushrooms – my mum is big fan of it. I am not 😀
  • mushroom sauce
  • mushroom and potato soup – amazing!
  • mushroom flat cakes
  • or of course, you can dry them and use them later.

And I am going to show you, how we did mushroom snitzels.

What do you need:

fresh mushrooms – parasol



bread crumbs



Firstly, you have to clean mushrooms and cut the lower part, “the leg”. With cleaning I do not mean wash them with water, but with pocketknife to remove all not nice parts, dirt or parts with small inhabitants 🙂 (insect). When done, prepare three plates – first one with flour, second one with egg with salt and third one with bread crumbs. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and put inside big pan with oil. And you can start with mushroom snitzel preparation. Firstly, cover the mushroom with flour, the put it immediately to egg plate and at the end, cover it with bread crumbs. When ready, do it with all parasol mushrooms. Afterwards, we put mushrooms into the big pan to the oven and will fry it there, until ready.

You can eat it immediately when done, or with potatoes, potato mash… However you like! 🙂 It is delicious.

With the rest of mushrooms – champignons and different types of bay boletes, scrambled mushrooms were prepared (scrambled with egg) and dried.


Have a nice day!

Vero and Canito



26 thoughts on “Let´s go mushrooming!

      1. Thank you! I do appreciate the nominations, and I know other cool blogs too. I will look for other ways to give blog love around — liking, reading, sharing great posts, visiting your blog and leaving comments that are thoughtful. I don’t do awards.

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  1. Oh yummm Vero! I like your list of requirements for mushroom hunting including “a good mood.” I’ve never done it, but in Spain people would be out hunting for wild asparagus or snails!! Those mushrooms are so colorful and beautiful! Enjoy your time back home Vero!! xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good mood is really important 😂 Being grumpy doesn’t help to find something 😂😂 Mushroom hunting is really Czech hobby. You can see many cars around roads where forests are… My grandma is going almost every day 🙈☺️
      Thank you! It’s great to be back!❤️


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