Courgette-sweet potato-potato patties with creamy pork

Finally, I am back home… πŸ˜‰ However, already missing my holiday and my family. When I have arrived, I found almost empty fridge and thinking what to prepare. I found small courgette, 3 sweet potatoes, few potatoes, some vegetable and pork meat in freezer … so not really much of anything. Therefore, I have decided to make vegetable patties with pork meat.

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What do you need for patties:

1 courgette

3 sweet potatoes

potatoes (I picked 2 potatoes per person)


1 egg

4 garlic cloves


salt and pepper



What do you need for meat:


600 g of porkΒ 

3 peppers (you can have different colours)

spring onions

1 handful of mushrooms

125 ml lactose free cream

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Take a big pan, add oil, cut pork meat and let it fry. When brownish, add water and put the lid on top and let it cook until soft. In the mean time, cut peppers, spring onions and mushrooms into small pieces and put it aside.

Take an other bowl, grate peeled courgette, sweet potatoes and potatoes and mix them together. Afterwards, add egg, flour (just to make thicker paste), crushed garlic cloves, tea spoon of marjoram and salt and pepper according to your taste. Mix everything properly together and heat up pan with oil. When is the oil warm, add spoon of prepared mix, spread it evenly and fry until golden from both sides.



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When preparing patties and pork meat is already soft, add cut peppers and mushrooms into the pan. Let it cook until mushrooms are ready, then add lactose free cream and boil it for couple of minutes. At the same time, more patties are done!

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When you have everything ready, you can serve and enjoy it πŸ™‚ I am big fan of those patties. I could just eat it without anything else.

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